Yearly Archives: 2020

Bulls Vs Bears

We almost always overvalue bull-fatigue over bear-fatigue. Bulls appear to be uncontrollable and aggressive spending their energies in faster bursts. So, we think bulls are more vulnerable than bears. In bull markets, this is very close to the truth. But, the way bulls play the bear markets is often very…


Anticipate Revival

Post budget, everybody expected the markets to correct further. A week after the budget, most people are revisiting their market expectations. This is hardly surprising. Making and unmaking our expectations is a recurring exercise. Investor interest in equity seems to be sustaining, though most investors aren’t sure whether they must…

Constructing Credibility for Credit Risk

Janus is the Roman God of new beginnings. It seems appropriate to talk about Janus during the month that’s named after him. Interestingly, Janus has two heads – one faces forward symbolising new beginnings and the other looks back into the past. This image of Janus was taken from…

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